H.I. specializes in Roads, Railroads, Drone/ RPV/UAV systems ,pumped storage, small, micro and pico hydro power (50kW up to >5MWs).,Transmission lines and electric grid set up.  While our fluid based power plants are smaller than conventional plants, they bring the benefit of a much smaller environmental footprint in their build construction and an existing regulatory license (FERC).  Our plants can be implemented in multiples along a river or stream depending upon whether we are implementing small hydro plants or imbedded micro plants. 

We can create the normal impoundment, diversion and run of river designs whether using forbay style designs or penstock or modified penstock designs.  We work with dam and or reservoir style designs or more creative customized designs that help to create micro grid networks feeding into aggregators that could connect to normalized grid systems.

We can create unique designs based upon specialized flow characteristics and will manage a site if desired for the next 250 years (site lease).  This simplifies the process of training local personnel in the implementation, operation and maintenance of sites once the training methods are consistent because the managing company methods are consistent.





Existing dam re-powering

As Green as it gets for being Blue